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Ride the Train at the Park!

When you arrive at the park, walk to the station gazebo where you will find iPads for signing the electronic release form if you haven’t already signed before arriving. Follow the instructions on screen, read the release form, sign that you understand the terms, then proceed to the trains!

Club volunteers are available to help!

While waiting to board, you will hear the safety rules for our railroad.  Your safety is our first priority, so please listen carefully and ask the station crew if you have any questions.  Riders must observe the rules.

  • Pregnant persons may not ride
  • Children must be at least 1 year old to ride
  • Everyone must wear shoes
  • Remain seated with your feet on the running boards
  • Do not reach out to grab foliage
  • Riders must face forward 
  • Raise your hand for the conductor to stop the train

Station Safety Message